Teacher Interviews by students

The Young Journalist
A role model can be anybody: a parent, a sibling, a friend — but some of our most influential and life-changing role models are teachers!  Let’s learn something about these special people who influence our childrens’ lives.
If your child would like to interview his or her teacher, please email Missy Dixon. List of teachers already chosen to be interviewed are noted below.  Students will be selected on a first come, first served basis as emails are received. We would like teachers who are new to MRES within the past 2 or 3 years to be interviewed first. Specials teachers can be interviewed too!

Teacher interviews scheduled for 2015-16: Flesch, Robeson, Burrowbridge, Hudner, Armstrong and Naylor

Interview by Mrs Flesch by Monica October 2015

Interview with Mr Robeson by Simon January 2016

Interview of Ms. Armstrong by Ella March 2016

Interview of Mrs. Resse by Callie April 2016

Interview of Ms. Naylor by Jackson May 2016

Teachers interviewed for 2014-2015:  Sheidegger, Holder, Wilford, St. John, Ratzenberger, Goode, Ardoin, Pannutti, Loda, Thomas, Wissinger, Park, Hudner, Chapman, Gongwer, Reese, and Guertin.

Process for interview:

  • Select the teacher your child wishes to interview and then email Missy Dixon with your request.
  • Have your child write some questions he or she wishes to ask the teacher.
  • The parent and child arrange a date and time to interview the teacher (older kids can interview without parent assistance if they’d like).
  • The parent and child type the interview– don’t forget to take a picture of the child with the teacher!
  • Email the interview and picture to Missy Dixon.   The interview will be placed in an upcoming eNews edition, posted on the PTA bulletin board at front office and archived on this page.


Tips on conducting an interview:

What is  journalism:

  • Journalism is the work of gathering, writing, editing and disseminating news stories via mass media. Journalists use observation, interviews and background research to gather information for news stories. They cherish influential stories that take people beyond their own experiences, connecting them with the outside forces that shape their worlds.