All For Books!


Yee Haw… The All For Books Coin Challenge is back! 

During the week of October 2nd-5th, Marshall Road will be participating in a friendly coin drive competition between Grades K-6 in preparation for our upcoming Scholastic Fall Book Fair (10/13/17-10/20/17):

Each day (Monday-Thursday) represents a different type of coin. At the end of the week, the Grade that raises the most $$ in coins will receive a Party!

Monday-Pennies                       images-5
Tuesday-Nickels and Dimes
Thursday-ANY coin!


So if you have any loose change under your bed or deep in your dresser drawers, dig those coins out of hiding.

Bring your coins into your classroom so they can be donated to:

All For Books Coin Challenge, where you can help turn coins into books.

Click here for more information about Scholastics’ All For Books