Jr. Chem Lab

JR Chem Lab (by STEAMium Education)


Jr. Chemistry Lab introduces students to an array of different scientific principles through 8 weeks of interactive, hands-on science experiments. Students will be taught the scientific method and ask questions, construct hypotheses, test and gather evidence, analyze data and draw conclusions. Students will perform experiments teaching them about acid and bases, surface tension, states of matter, chromatography, polymers and more. All experiments use safe, household supplies. All materials needed for the experiments will be provided.

  • Wednesdays 8:15-9:15am
  • 2/14/18-4/11/18 (no class on 3/28)
  • The Pod
  • Kindergarten-3rd
  • 8 Class sessions
  • $149

Scholarships: For scholarship information, please contact Heather Hazard at hehazard@fcps.edu no later than February 5th.

Registration is closed.