PTA Directory

Each year, the PTA produces a directory containing the contact information of all Marshall Road Elementary School students, teachers, and staff.  All community members are included regardless of whether they are formal members of the PTA, with the exception of families who have expressly requested through the school registrar that their information remain private.  Access to the PTA Directory is available only to those who officially join the PTA by signing-up and paying annual membership dues.  It is one of the many great benefits of becoming a member of the PTA!

As of Fall 2016, the PTA moved away from printing a paper directory to providing an online directory that members may access via a unique username and password.  Both a web-based site and a mobile application are available for viewing the PTA Directory, which is provided through A to Z Directories.  Both the directory webpage and the web app may be accessed here.  On a smart device, you will be prompted to add the A to Z Connect icon to your home screen so you can access the app when you need it.  You can also find instructions on how to add the icon to your device’s home screen here.   This is a web app so there is no need to download one from the App Store or Google Play, and the former A to Z app that did require downloading is no longer functional so you will want to delete it from your home screen.  If you have any problems with the software, please e-mail and they will provide assistance.

If you have any questions about PTA Directory access, your current PTA membership status, or the information in your family’s directory listing, please contact our directory program chair.