2017 SOL Testing Schedule

MRES has announced the specific testing schedule for the upcoming Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL) tests that are taken by students in grades 3-6 this May 15 through June 9.  Parents are encouraged to help their children put these tests in perspective, as general assessments of what they have been learning much like other computerized and non-computerized assessments they take at other times of the year; parents can also help their children come to school well-rested, having eaten a good breakfast, and with a positive attitude.  SOLs have no bearing on elementary school students’ report cards or next year grade placement, rather, they are used by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) to determine if school teaching staffs are providing expected curriculum instruction.  VDOE and FCPS do want to ensure test security and integrity, so they prohibit students from bringing cell phones, other electronic devices, or wearable technology (e.g., Apple Watch, Fitbit), into the testing room; please leave all such devices at home on your children’s testing days.

MRES 2017 SOL Testing Calendar